The power of information in your hands. Provided in an easy to understand way.

Keep yourself informed.

Being able to quickly see the state of your network and make informed decisions with data gathered forms a great basis for the ability to improve and better serve your guests.

Data can also be extracted easily to be provided to key stake holders in your business.

How can I better use this data?

Here are some examples of how data gathered from our platform can be used to enhance your business.

Returning Guest Promotions

Identify guests who have stayed previously (potentially under different names) and provided targeted promotions with better results.

Usage per guest

Understand which types of guests use more WiFi so you can provide better and target the right demographic for advertising.

Peak Usage times

Understand what the peak usage at your property looks like to better plan for times when you are fully booked.


Keep track of revenue generated from online sales of Internet access. Understand better the guests that find this a valuable part of the service you provide.

Admin Access Logs

Keep track of how your staff are using the platform and which users are active (or not) in the administration aspect of your properties WiFi.

Email Campaigns

Use email addresses gathered from Surveys to promote your business.