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Content Filtering

Safe Browsing.

4WiFi content filters block online porn, malicious and obscene content. We help you create a safe browsing experience for your guests.

Filtering out sites such as Torrent Engines also helps mitigate bandwidth over-use and improves the guest experience by hampering guests ability to abuse your network.

Happy, safe and secure browsing. Hassle free.

By utilising DNS based filters, 4WiFi applies filtering at the network level to provide piece of mind to you and your guests easily and securely.

DNS Security

The 4WiFi DNS Filter provides a network level security control that provides a firewall against malicious activity.

Block Porn

4WiFi leverages multiple leading filter providers for a cleaner web experience, helping keep your guests and their families safe while using your internet.

Control Downloading

Block sites which provide illegal downloads, save on bandwidth usage and improve the experience for all guests.

Safe Searching

Enforce services like Google SafeSearch for all guests, helping to ensure a family friendly experience.

Moderated Videos

Enforce YouTube video moderation to help protect guests.


Help prevent users circumventing safeguards by blocking access to DoH servers.