A more efficient, easy to use and well integrated platform

Easily and efficiently manage your Guest Internet experience the way that works best for your own unique business needs.


We manage millions of sessions a year, let us help manage yours

Integrated with (plus more):

Work smarter, not harder with 4WiFi

The benchmark of a well managed Guest Internet experience is when users are happy and staff time to managed the service is minimised, we help keep the balance the way it should be.

Happier Guests

Personalise your guest experience easily and quickly, while providing up-sell opportunities for your business thanks to our advanced logic selectors.

Save Time

Our integrations do the hard work for you, saving you time while creating a more professional and interactive experience for your guests.

Cloud Hosted

Easy and quick access to what the current state of your system and reports of usage and revenue is always available at your finger tips thanks to our Cloud Console.

Global Network for enhanced performance

With our global network backed by AWS, we ensure a class-leading performance no matter where in the world you use our services.

Access controls the way you want them.

With 4WiFi, you are in complete control of access and bandwidth controls for your property, we provide a simple interface with big features.

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